Faces Figures & Fauna


Learn to sculpt human or animal facial features and figures. Begin with the bone structure, add muscles and finish with a life-like surface. Using an armature you will learn to sketch a 3D form with clay. Create something life-like or fantastical.

Feel free to bring ideas, pictures or drawings on the first night.

5 Wednesdays 6-8:30pm $165

1/9/19-1/30/19 & 2/23/19 for finishing (Students may choose to purchase additional materials for finishing)

In the final class, 3wks later on February 23 you will learn finishing techniques.

Instructor: Liz Lewandowski



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Faces Figures & Fauna

Winter: Wednesdays 1/9/19-1/30/19 & 2/23/19


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