Fall Harvest Workshop


New Fall Harvest Class where students will hand make gorgeous pumpkin teapots and gourd cups. Pierce through clay to create a delicate lantern to light your living room. Finish by sculpting a decorative ceramic mask. *This class includes a special Raku firing one of your pieces on Gallery Night Weekend* October 19th&20th

Bring a friend or come on your own. You are certain to have a great time!

6-night-workshop Wednesdays 6-8:30



Autumn Harvest Workshop

Masks, Pumpkins & Lanterns 6-night-workshop Wednesdays 6-8:30

Hand craft pumpkin teapots with gourd cups. Pierce through wet clay to create delicate lanterns. And Sculpt an intriguing mask.

Instructor: Liz Lewandowski, Ceramic Artist & Illustrator

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Additional information

Autumn Harvest Workshop

Fall I: Wednesday 9/12/18-10/10/18 & 10/19


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