Glaze Mixing 101


An Introduction to Developing Glazes

This is an excellent class for the potter who desires more control over the color and surface of their glazes. Learning to mix your own glazes can save you from purchasing costly commercial glazes.

Students will learn about the basic parts of a glaze: glass-former, flux, stabilizer and colorants (and opacifiers). From this students will learn methods to correct for glaze flaws, change colors, and how to develop their own glaze palette. This will include line blends and triaxial blends.





If you can follow a recipe and use a scale you can mix a glaze.

Class by Class Daily Goals – Show how skills will be taught.  What will Students learn?

Day 1- Introduction and Lecture. Make Test Tiles

Day 2- Mixing 101 and Making a Line Blend (10 tests)

Day 3 – Debrief line blend, Lecture for triaxial blend or color discovery

Day 4 – Mix and prepare triaxial or color discovery (15-21 tests)

Day 5 – Debrief triaxial and color discovery


Note* All glazes used for dinnerware must be tested for food safety.  Cream City Clay, Inc. its employees and teachers will not be able to verify the food safety of the glaze you will create. It is the participants responsibility to test their own glazes before using on dishes meant for food.

Members will receive a 10% discount if they sign up in shop.

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Additional information

Glaze Mixing

Spring I 2019 Monday PM 4/1/19-4/29/19


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