Hand Building I


What is hand-building? It is the oldest method of working in clay. Utilizing the best tools on the planet, your hands, to roll coils with your fingers to build vases, or cut shapes from slabs of clay to create geometric forms.

Hand-building creates organic, geometric and asymmetrical forms not achievable on the potter’s wheel.

Natural shapes like leaves can create a beautiful bowl shape. Triangles can be assembled to create a pyramid teapot! Bring your ideas, sense of style, and humor to this exciting class.



In this 5 week class you will refine your skills in clay.  Basic techniques like rolling coils and pounding out slabs will take on new and greater forms as we help you build larger and faster.  Make fun, interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces to grace your kitchen table or display in your garden.

Wednesday Nights 6-8:30

Instructor: Liz Lewandowski

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Additional information

Handbuilding I

Spring II 2019 4/3/19-5/8/19


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