Clay Camp for Kids


2019 Cream City Clay Summer Clay Camp M-Thurs 1-3pm

Children ages 6 -14 will learn how a professional pottery studio works.  Involve your child in the arts through sculpting, carving and painting with clay.  Choose from one of our themes of famous artists or explore exotic locations like the South Pacific or Africa.  Other themes include the secret life of pets where your child can create pieces for that special animal in their life or your child could focus on everything to do with the kitchen.  Get your hands in to clay this summer. It will be a worldwide adventure.



Secret Lives of Pets: Did you know that dogs prefer to drink out of ceramic dishes? Talk about more interesting facts during pet week. Projects include feeding dishes, Collar tags, treat jar for dogs, cats, snakes, fish, birds turtles and more.Create handmade items for your pet or inspired by them.

Everything Cooking/Kitchen: Love to cook? Do you watch the British baking show? Handmade spoons, utensil holders, orange juicer, apple baker, pie plate, brownie pan, sugar bowl, butter dish, silly salt and pepper shakers.

African Inspiration: Study face and water jugs. Be inspired by nature, line and pattern African animals and artistic masks. Create bookends, sculpture, and functional pottery.

Oceanic Art: Sculpture week based the creative works made by the native people of the Pacific islands and Australia; including areas as far apart as Hawaii and Easter Island.  Be inspired by cave paintings, Tiki masks, and Island themes.

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Additional information

Clay Camp Dates

Wk 1: June 24-27, 2019 Impressionism-Abstract art, Wk 2: July 8-11, 2019 Secret Lives of Pets, Wk 3: July 22-25 Everything Cooking/Kitchen, Wk 4: August 5-8 African Inspiration, Wk 5: August 12-15 Oceanic Art

Age Group

Ages 10-14 years, Ages 6-9years